Recon4you 2017/11/30 17:27:41 0 1
Hello!I've purchased the facebook creator but the app isn't indicative at all.  It seems like the app wants me to use email accounts (which of course i don't have).Does anyone here have a user manual for how creating bulk facebook accounts?Support- please help me. your skype doesn't respond. I have wechat and whatsapp as well..thanks..
ricolubiz 2018/08/01 14:37:31 0 0
SK PluginIt's a long, long job to research your keywords, keyword phrases, LSi's etc and then to write content for your chosen search term that has the perfect keywords, and the perfect density of those...
Ratu Astria 2018/05/08 16:49:03 0 0
is there a robot to poll on twitter? I have a tweetattack pro, can I use it for voting on twitter? please help me.thanks before.
webnix 2018/02/18 16:12:22 2 0
I registered pvacreator for twitter (and wish I didnt) last month (Jan 14th)now, its one month and 4 days and I still didnt get a working product as specified in your web site "pvacreator.com".the problem ( as you know) is regarding :1 creating accounts and marked them as successfully created.2 process email verification for the accountsyour...
der-adam 2018/02/07 09:37:42 1 0
Hi everyone, am I the only one where fl is crashing every day after around 100-200 actions. I created a ticket a week ago since it happened after updating to 2.5.7 so I asked in the first contact for the version 2.5.6 and after five back and forth i got a lot not helpful tips but not the version 2.5.6, then in the last conversation the support wrote me here is the link to 2.5.7 (no joke) and when I try to...
gege32000 2018/02/06 13:09:18 1 0
Since 18th of Jan, the day I bought your software, I have been requesting a refund. Your software does not work as it should.Your company seems to be a scam and you steal money from people. I want to be refunded.
mobicycle 2018/01/24 22:56:33 1 0
Vania Costa 2017/12/29 16:27:14 0 0
My profile has been blocked and can not post or create new groups. I started using the software today and I was already blocked. All the messages I sent to my groups were removed by Facebook. I lost my time and can only post again next Monday. Does this group posting function not seem to work, or do you guys have a solution to avoid blocking Facebook? How can avoid this problem? 
ebonypenny 2017/11/24 21:21:14 0 0
I was offered a free trial, and if it works I was going to buy various software, however, nobody responds. Can anyone give me an email address of somebody who works for whitehatbox that can actually reply and give me the login I need for 3 days. If it works great, but if it doesn't I won't buy it. 
ricolubiz 2017/03/23 16:22:54 0 0
So my laptop was stolen and i need to do a reinstall (on my new laptop) spinner chief elite version that i had paid a long time ago for almost USD 200.When i bought that software, the version was SC2 (that is what your support said, because i dont remember). I did get free upgrade to SC3 and then after that to SC4, obviously with the same version (ELITE).Now, if anybody here has been a long user of SC since the beginning,...
kalilove707 2017/03/17 04:32:46 0 0
lastnight i contacted support about upgrading my TAP3 (single account) to a TAP3 (unlimited account) they gave me a price of $240 to do so , the next morning (today) i paid the $240 to the paypal account  [email protected] via Paypal , since then i have not heard anything back from your support team , i have emaild...
aki_mj99 2017/03/09 05:46:26 0 0
I purchased TAP4. Can you tell me where to get email addresses and phone numbers to make Twitter accounts since this is separate from the program?
LiO_Osama 2017/01/28 08:01:10 0 0
 After I purchased the BotChief Deveopler Version and downloaded the white hate software Then I can'f find the BotChief Developer Version in the Bot folder Please advice
hongblackhat 2017/01/15 12:47:29 0 0
Operating System:Windows 7Operating System Bit:64bitSoftware Version:2.8.0Hello,Twitter has changed something! Your software cannot change email. Please update!Screenshot: http://prntscr.com/dvz6ryThank!
neal 2016/12/24 13:55:01 0 0
Operating System:Windows 10Operating System Bit:64bitSoftware Version:Elite spinner chief 4Hi,I just purchased elite version, before purchasing I confirm if it support hindi language or not,first inside new article box  I can not just copy paste hindi language from content source like www.bhaskar.com (it is not supporting Unicode font)if I convert content to one of hindi font Devlys010 then content appearsmot important thing as told by support hindi thesaurus is missing, I am getting error ...
ahmet 2016/12/01 04:45:57 2 0
I think you shouldn't do this job !because;I bought SP Ultimate 4 and They didn't give serial number to me since 5 days. I sent 11 messages and everytime they asked my payment method like a parrot. I sent 10 times!! Please either give my serial number or refund my money !  Please !
dmgimbut 2016/10/08 17:51:19 0 0
I purchased Spinner Chief 4 nine days ago. I tried to use the web version but it too confusing and videos don't cover how to use it.I tried to download to my PC but it will not allow me to complete the process without the serial number.I have sent numerous emails, they asked what email I used when I purchased it and have not heard back.There are now 9 nine days of my subscription gone, not being able to use...
thanuthep 2016/10/16 08:12:07 0 0
What's wrong? Assuming your server is in trouble.  But it's been a few days now that I have not been able to use the SpinnerChief on Web.  Any solution?
thanuthep 2016/10/14 20:29:08 0 0
I purchased a one-time paid SpinnerChief4, but there're a couple of issues which have been raised to your support team.  However, till now there's NO solution, no response AT ALL.1.  Could not load the programs onto my PC, both SpinnerChief and ContentBomb.  It keeps showing "Start Index cannot be less than zero.  Parameter name: StartIndex".  Load program failed....2.  I've emailed to get support, BUT, there's been no response, no...
tvkalendar 2016/10/05 10:37:57 0 0
Hello, my tasks from TAP 4 are not working. Everything is correct, but when it needs to follow or favorite I get the message " wait until other accounts come to the end" (or similar). It wont follow or favorite noone for days now.What to do?Thanks
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