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Regarding PVA creator (facebook)

ReplyThanks 2017/11/30 17:27:41 0 1

I've purchased the facebook creator but the app isn't indicative at all.
It seems like the app wants me to use email accounts (which of course i don't have).
Does anyone here have a user manual for how creating bulk facebook accounts?

Support- please help me. your skype doesn't respond. I have wechat and whatsapp as well..


2017/12/01 19:21:01

I just create a simple manual for this one. Please read it:


Btw, we are working on creating tutorials, and will release the update recently. Please wait for the news.

2017/12/03 01:47:45
thanks, but that's too general.

I thought that the PVA creator is an end-to-end solution.
For example. If i want to create 100 accounts. where should i bring 100 emai accounts? I understand that the softerware do everything. captcha? please specify what will be the whole process of creating FB accounts in bulks (as written in your website before i purchased it).
I have no other email or captcha solutions. please explain the process. thnkas!!

2017/12/04 18:36:45
we will go to check it. Please wait for the news.
2017/12/04 19:18:22
So what is the tool for if it says for "bulk creation of accounts' but you need to check that..

It's the basic purpose of the tool, am I wrong?


2017/12/05 19:04:37

If you need to get 100 accounts, then you need to use 100 emails to register. You can go to buy the email address from other website.

Program supports auto verify captcha service. If you use this service, then program will auto fill in the captcha to verify.

You can use any emails to register. Just like how you do the register in your browser manually.

For captcha, you need to register an account in deathbycaptcha or 2captcha website, then charge for your account. The fill in your account API to the "ApiKey" option in PVACreator program.

Let us know if you need more help.

2017/12/07 21:44:41
It's not working!

1. the http proxies i used are open for facebook (I can see the program login and input details).

2. I filled in my DeathByCaptcha user name and password.

3. I used registered emails from several domains pops3 and imap.

4. the app is running but no accounts are created- all fails:

What should I do??


2017/12/10 14:29:07

Did you try to update it to the newest version please?

Please make sure there is no blank when you enter your Getsmspva username and its token.

Please feel free to contact us if you need more help.

2017/12/10 16:58:37
Yes, it's the latest version
2017/12/11 14:12:13
When the task is running. Which step does it get error in the debug window please?
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