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  • Rarely do  I find quality PLR content. I  use Rosie Cottis and like her work. There isn't much spinning. Maybe tweaking. I really hope this spinner is better. Admittedly, I  don't know what the secret is to getting a download but I suppose I will either figure it out.   I began writing many years ago. Today, I will pick up an article I wrote a few days prior and say "WOW", I can't believe I wrote that. It did not come easy. Talk about writer's block. For the first couple of years, I struggled, big time. Today, I cannot stop writing, day and night, about all kinds of subjects. If you are having a hard time, keep at it. If you aren't that creative, read what you can gather by googling the article's focus, compile the info, then just report. You WILL improve!  
  • 2013-08-30 01:29