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  • First of all, you have to practice a lot to learn how to write reviews in English. Only constant practice and working through various topics will help you to concentrate quickly on the exam and show the full extent of your knowledge. Therefore, during the preparation period, write essays as often as possible, and at the same time try to choose different topics and types of essays.   The first attempts of your pen, inevitably, will be very difficult, so don't hesitate to look at examples of essays in English with translation more often. Ready-made texts will help you to feel the guidelines for your own essay, as well as to choose the right words to express your thoughts. I would also like to note the important role of the draft. Many people underestimate this point and consider it an unnecessary waste of time. But in fact, the preliminary outline of the key points greatly accelerates the drafting of the text. And also the draft allows you not to forget about the important points, which during the writing of the essay can simply slip your mind. In addition, always keep in mind that the structure of the essay for the state English exam has strict standards. If a formal writing style is required, then you must adhere to it throughout. And no matter how much you want to add don't or say let's, you still have to act within the exam standard. That said, of course, you should also not use the same words all the time. Always remember the principle of the golden mean: the text of the essay should be concise and informative, but at the same time beautiful enough in terms of speech construction. And finally, don't forget to leave enough time to check your English essay. Before turning it in, you need to check the achievement of the right number of words, proofread the text and correct unintentionally committed speech, grammar or punctuation errors. The whole procedure will take only 5-10 minutes of time, but completing it will save you the opportunity to get the maximum number of points for your essay assignment. And this is an extremely important factor for applicants planning to enter prestigious universities. So, practice more in writing essays, keep in mind the recommendations on the text volume and writing style, and don't forget to resort to the help of speech clichés if you have difficulties in composing sentences. Related Resources: Basic guidelines for writing an essay  The mysterious word "essay"  How to write a good essay  Style and design of essays
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