Laura Lee 2023/02/06 17:15:54 0 0
TURKIi NESRINE 2023/02/04 04:53:50 0 0
Laura Lee 2023/01/31 11:53:00 0 0
[email protected] 2018/07/29 16:59:59 0 0
I am getting spin error on the web version. Please fix it asap.
jriverarsky 2021/04/22 08:30:27 0 0
Demoxing 2018/01/24 21:23:30 0 0
please share a spinnerchief pro latest video tutorial ,how to used it and best settings for spinning  article properly. 
ronruiz76 2018/05/09 21:08:42 0 0
I couldn't find the translate function. Please help.
lonestranger 2020/12/26 23:47:02 0 0
Hi, I'm having spinnerChief 5 version ultimate version. how can I update to SpinnerChief 6 ?
rocksitraj 2018/08/10 11:50:25 0 0
HI , I got this software few days back for instagram. and since then it never worked. it takes 1-2 downloding time and later just showws error message : network error. kindly help.regards, 
puguhelka78 2021/10/12 11:29:18 0 0
Hi,I want to know how to replace a protected keyword to a list of my own keywords then spin it as amount as my list keyword. For example :I {love|like|adore} Name.Name is a protected keyword. I have a bunch of keyword replacement 1. Amy2. Annie3. Andy4. etc until 100.I want spin it become 100 diffrent sentence or article based amount of list of name....
bignutz 2020/06/14 18:06:33 0 0
I purchased version 6 ultimate but I have mac that is too old to run Virtual Box without freezing. I entered my serial number into the Web Interface to use it there but are all the features of the desktop version available on the web version?!
gengen 2021/10/19 16:53:45 0 0
Like the picture.When I click the Advanced Functions,then ever ManagerAccount or ManageTask,it`s crash....
[email protected] 2019/04/19 16:55:39 0 0
It keeps locking the app up and will not close - it sucks get rid of itI cant use the program 80% of the time because of this nag message that wont close.
lrjd25 2020/10/30 05:48:35 0 0
Is the Spinnerchief Web Version down? The page doesn't load.
dreamwhite 2021/05/20 15:43:34 0 0
from 5  to 6 whats improvement?in 6 or later do spinnercheif doing anything with ai or ml
sholey4love 2018/02/03 05:53:07 0 0
i tried to start the spinner chief and the cloud thesaurus has refuse to load. i deleted the CTDownload file and restarted it again but it still refuse to work up till now
intempodk 2021/01/30 02:34:02 0 0
Hi,Can someone explain the price logic on this? if you buy Ultimate Version, its 132$ one time fee, if you wish to try the ultimate (if its fast and works on certain conditions), its 7$ + 149$ for one time fee, apparently not 7$ + 132$ (which would be understandable).So, they discurage users to actually register and try ultimate for 3 days by punishing them with extra...
k360.cloud 2020/11/04 19:02:33 0 0
I have about 20 articles written in txt, could I somehow import them into the windows application and spine them in bulk, keeping the files independent?
Farzad 2021/05/20 02:59:25 0 0
   Hi Alldoes the software somehow give a statistics of how much it has paraphrased? like 50%, 70% or 99% ??
Kanchan 2021/04/16 02:10:48 0 0
How do I start using this software,purchased it today only. please guide
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