Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Social Press to Promote a Business

anthony jupiter | 2017-02-17 04:14:04


Introduction In the current society, we make an online search to acquire all our gossip, news, weather and do the majority of our shopping. Thus it is  fitting that we also make an online search and social media to do businesses. Businesses use social press to accomplish their advertising for products, items and services. Actually they use social press to connect and build human relationships with customers and future prospects. Just what exactly is social media? "Social Press is a new group of tools, new technology that allows us to effectively connect and build relationships with customers." However, there are advantages and disadvantages of using social media to advertise. Businesses need to know how to use these advantages to build a lucrative business and how to avoid the disadvantages that could be harmful if not deadly to the business.


Unlike traditional marketing, like television, radio and news papers, social media's role does not fall under conventional advertising. Social media works best when used to send out messages that will encourage customers to network with you or explore your website, blog, videos or other information. It's about encouraging a new type of word-of-mouth advertising.


The social media environment creates not only opportunities, but challenges and some complications also. So with the advantages comes the disadvantages. Here are some disadvantages: 1. Commitment : If you decide to use social media to promote your business then you need to make sure you have someone to maintain the site or blog. One of the things that customers do not like is going to a web page or blog and seeing that it really is October and the previous content was in April. It offers them the thought that if you don't have period to maintain your website then more than likely you won't have time to provide good customer service