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problems with downloading whitehatbox so i can download followinglike?

ReplyThanks 2018/08/20 02:29:02 0 0
hi everytime i download whitehatbox in order to be able to download the followliking software it does this, can you please tell me how to resolve this, i have windows 10 but i don't know if thats the problem or not
2018/08/20 19:14:17
Don't worry.
Error 740 is not an error. Your system does not authorize this APP to read your disk. So you get this error.
Please close this window, then double click whitehatbox.exe to install, then download TweetAttacksPro4 in APP to run.
2018/09/22 03:29:08
Hi no it nothing to do with that, but that's what I've done I've downloaded whitehatbox.exe file and it keeps doing it and I've tried downloading the twewtattacks but it does the same with the that.
2018/09/22 17:30:55

Try to visit followinglike to download to install TweetAttackPro4 directly:


If you cannot decompres above zip file, please install a Winrar compress software, then it will work.

Waiting for your news.

2018/09/23 02:52:27
ok but do i need to buy it at all, as when i download from that link you sent me and when i open it it comes up with this in the attachment and it asks me for the serial number which i don't have?

also ive downloaded the following like and tried to open it, but it wont open?
2018/09/25 11:31:05

Sorry, i thought you are using TweetAttacksPro, so i sent TweetAttacksPro download link to you.

Try to install a Winrar compress software, then you are able to decompress it.

Only when you bought this software, then you can get its related login in information from whitehatbox mail.

Let us know if it works.

2018/10/02 01:30:18
Ok I forgot to ask do I need to purchase the followinglike as that may be why I'm able to download it, as I've downloading it several times and checking to see if it had my antivirus software or Windows 10, but it isn't?
2018/10/02 01:33:25
Can you just provide another link To download it, as it much be your link as just won't download and it's not my pc?!
2018/10/02 19:40:35

Here is the download link to install for FollowingLike:


You only can use the one you already bought.

2018/12/30 03:12:37
I have paid for SpinnerChief 5 Ultimate Version and I keep getting that 740 code when I try to run it. It takes me to the FollowingLike sign in and asks for the serial number for a paid version. Is this another program, I have to pay to run SpinnerChief 5? I was under the impression that all needed programs would be included in the paid for WhiteHatBox download of SpinnerChief 5 Ultimate Version? I did run your above link and decompressed the files but still get the sign in requesting the serial code. If I do have to order the FollowingLike bot, does it matter which version I get (as Linkin or Facebook)?
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