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AIOStream2 Forum down

ReplyThanks 2020/04/25 00:42:56 0 0
The AIOStream forum doesnt work, theres no way to expand posts. When you click on a post it just goes to a white page. My question is what are the task manager settings to play 2 songs on a spotify playlist 10 times by all accounts? Also some type of link to a user manual would be helpful seeing as theres no instructions fo4 how to use the software.
2020/04/26 15:28:40

We have checked it, all post can open normally.

Remember to bind your license to your account before visiting the forum.

You can set your settings like following screenshot shows:

2023/07/15 16:10:55
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2023/08/01 17:12:50
Regarding the task manager settings for playing songs on Spotify, bloxd io the task manager settings would depend on the specific capabilities and features of the AIOStream software you are using.
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