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Not scraping articles

ReplyThanks 2015/05/25 09:25:32 0 0

Operating System:Windows 8.1

Operating System Bit:64bit

Software Version:Spinner Chief iii

Hi, I have purchased this today with the $7 free trial and so far I have only been able to scrape 1 article in the last few hours. It doesnt seem to find anything? No matter what subjects I search for - seo, casino, online slots, internet marketing.... nothing. Is this a bug? I also tried it with mix scrape and nothing is found with that. It seems to search for a few seconds only.
2015/05/25 12:36:42
Please try your sc3 serial to SpinnerChief 4, you can use contentbomb to scrape any articles using spinnerchief 4 serial code.
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2015/05/25 23:42:40
Hi, thanks for the reply. I had already tried this and have done so again today but I get the message saying the serial number is invalid. So far I have been unable to use either software.
2015/05/26 04:27:10
You have ugprade the sc3 serial code to sc4? Send me your serial code.
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2015/05/26 05:25:31

I have sent you a PM. I was not able to "ugprade the sc3 serial code to sc4" all I did was download the SC4 and use the same code which is said was invalid.

2015/05/26 06:01:20

I have just found this post where I was able to upgrade my license - http://www.whitehatbox.com/bbs/BBSPost?postid=1307#.VWRCAs9VhBc

I will test with ContentBomb as recommended and report back

2015/05/26 06:16:20

It only found 1 article each time when using content creator so I used content download and that found more articles. Most of the articles found were unrelated to the keywords I typed.

After all the trouble this has caused and the very poor quality of the software and articles delivered I wont be using this anymore. I have wasted $7 and too much time on this already.

2015/05/26 10:41:00

I don't think you set the scrape correctly, we are making a video for content bomb, then you should know how to use it.

And if you have skype, we can talk there to help you to set everything.

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